Best Places for Creating a Baby Registry

baby giftsWhen you’re expecting, there are a lot of things you will need in order to prepare for your baby’s arrival. Most women opt to have a baby shower to invite friends and family for a fun social gathering where you receive much-needed gifts. There are so many places now that offer registries for such occasions to provide a list to your guests of things you will need. Some stores, including online retailers, offer special benefits to expecting moms by creating a baby registry through them.

It can be a little overwhelming trying to choose the best place to make your baby registry. A few pointers to keep in mind that will make your decision a little easier are:

Choosing a baby name

• Choose a retailer that has a big selection and variety in baby items
• Think of the places you like to shop at as well as your guests – they’re more likely to purchase a gift for you through a retailer they regularly frequent
• Check out the return policy to ensure you can return or exchange any duplicate or unwanted gifts.

There can be additional perks to creating a baby registry aside from the free gifts your friends and family purchase for you. Many places offer special incentives for creating your registry with them such as discounts, freebies and even gift cards. Here are some of the best places that offer good deals with baby registries.
This online retailer is a great place to shop for nearly anything due to their vast selection of products. You can find many things on there you can’t find in stores. An baby registry will allow you to add items on your registry from ANY online retailer! They also offer a 10% completion discount – applied to certain items on your baby registry 30 days prior to your baby’s due date. If you sign up for Amazon Mom, you can be eligible for a 15% discount, plus the benefits of Amazon Mom like free shipping on certain purchases. There is a 90 day free return policy.

Babies R Us
This is one of the most convenient places to create your baby registry through because it is a specialty store in carrying baby products. They carry everything you could possibly need and then some, both in store and online. They also have experts that can help you in putting your registry together with everything you need, including things you may not have thought about. They also offer a really cool program called endless earnings that allows you to earn cash back. You can receive up to 10% back on purchases made from your registry and they offer price match on competitor’s ads. They also offer a completion discount on remaining items on your registry as well as exclusive benefits to registrants for deals on trusted brands. They have a one-year return policy from the date of your baby’s arrival!

This is an easy place to create a baby registry because it’s a popular store that many people like to shop. Your friends and family will most likely be shopping there anyway, making it convenient for them to pick up a gift. Their program offers a completion discount as well so you can buy the rest of the things you need from your registry 6 weeks prior to your due date for 15% off. When you go to the Guest Service station in the store you also receive a welcome package with free samples and coupons for additional savings.

Be sure to check out department stores for their registry benefits. You may be surprised, but some department stores such as Kohl’s offer perks as well. When I created my online registry through them, I had a promo code I received in a magazine for a $25 gift card when I created a registry. Plus they will send you a 15% off completion coupon for any remaining items on your registry.

Some places will actually offer sweepstakes during certain time periods where you can enter to win ALL of the items on your baby registry. Shop around for the best deals and benefits when creating a baby registry to take advantage of optimal savings on things you will need.

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