Best Diaper Pails of 2014 Buying Guide

Who knew something so small as a newborn would produce so much stink!? Thankfully, there are diapering systems that have helped eliminate the odor so your nursery doesn’t drive everyone away. There are several different options available so I took the liberty of finding which ones really worked best for odor control. Here are some top picks among parents on the best diaper pails.

Disposable Diapers Diapering Systems

 Playtex Diaper Genie Elite with Odor Lock Carbon FilterDiaper genie
This diaper pail offers much convenience for parents with a foot petal to open and close it so you can always have your hands on baby. The latest model is an improved version from the one we had with a carbon filter that attaches to the lid for optimal odor protection. The Diaper Genie holds up to 38 diapers at one time and the refills can hold up to 100 diapers. Another nice factor is that some store brands (like Target) of other refills also fit with the Genie to offer a better value.

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper PailMunchkin Arm & Hammer pail
This diaper pail was rated higher for odor control than Diaper Genie, likely because it has a built-in baking soda dispenser that sprinkles baking soda when you close the lid to help contain odors (also a better value than buying new carbon filters once a month) The self-sealing system closes off the bag when the lid is closed to lock in odors. The refills are easier to change out – just snap tight and throw it out. They can hold up to 25 diapers each. Unlike other diaper pail systems, this one requires ONLY the Arm & Hammer refills.

Diaper Dekor Plus Diaper Disposal SystemDiaper Dekor Plus
The Dekor Plus is a little higher in price comparison to other popular models, however it does offer a more stylish solution. There are different color options to choose from to coordinate with your nursery. It has a convenient foot petal for hands-free use and uses scented bags to help control odors. The best part is the pail can hold up to 46 diapers at a time and can be used with regular kitchen trash bags. Once baby is past the diaper stage, it can serve as a trash can for the kitchen or bathroom.

Ubbi Diaper PailUbbi
If budget is not an option, this is another really great diaper pail that comes with a sense of style. There are a wide variety of color options to go well in any nursery. Similar to the Dekor, it can be used with standard trash bags for cost-savings over those that require specific refills. The pail itself is made with powder-coated steel, rather than plastic, so it’s very durable and won’t absorb odors. It is easy to use and empty and features a child safety lock on the lid to keep curious tots out. It’s also compatible with wet bag liners for cloth diapers!

Cloth Diapering Diaper Pails

Safety firstSafety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail
This diaper pail system is suitable for use with both disposable and cloth diapers as well. It offers a one-hand use for tossing in diapers and can be used with wet bag liners like the Planet Wise Reusable diaper pail liner.  The inside of the lid has a space to place a deodorizer for keeping smells to a minimum. The child-resistant locking lid also helps to prevent messes.

Odorless Cloth Diaper PailCloth diaper pail
Made from recycled plastic and simple to use, this diaper pail offers the best eco-friendly solution for soiled cloth diapers. It is a 7-gallon odor-free pail that uses a carbon filter to help contain odors. It also features two locking handles to keep the lid secured. The pail is very easy to clean. You can use it with or without a wet bag liner.

Bambino Mio Nappy Bucket and LidBambino Mio
The 4-gallon diaper pail offers convenience with a lid that has a handle for easy carrying from the nursery to the laundry room. It has internal hooks for attaching a laundry bag to contain diapers. The durable plastic pail does not absorb odors and the tight-fitting lid helps to keep odors contained. The Bambino Mio laundry bag that is sold separately can go right into the wash with the diapers so there’s never any handling wet or soiled diapers.

No matter what your diapering method is, cloth or disposable, you’ll find these as some of the best diaper pails for use to keep your nursery smelling fresh.

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