Top 10 Best Classic Toys of All Time

Some of the best toys were the ones you played with as kids. It wasn’t all high-tech electronics like today’s modern toys. They were made with quality and encouraged development of motor skills. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here, when the toy does less the child does more. Some of the classic favorites you remember from your younger days are still around today, though some have been modified like the Fisher-Price See ‘N Say.  If you’re looking for quality toys that bring back the memories of your childhood, check out some of the best classic toys of all time listed below.

Playskool Mr. Potato HeadMr. Potato head
Mr. Potato Head has become famous through the years thanks to his role in Toy Story, although he’s a classic that’s been around since long before the movie ever came to be. The plastic potato-shaped toy comes with accessories for toddlers to change up his facial expressions and personality, which conveniently store inside the potato. He also has his companion, Mrs. Potato Head that can be purchased separately.

Fisher-Price Corn Poppercorn popper
There’s just something about this toy that is so engaging for young walkers. As your child pushes the handle, little colorful balls pop around the clear dome that seems appealing to toddlers. It’s the perfect height with an easy-to-grip handle for young toddlers from ages 1-4 years.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe 50-Piece Wooden ABC/123 Blocksblocks
Who didn’t have a building block set of some kind as a kid? The wooden block set with the alphabet and numbers painted on them has to be one of the best classic toys of all time that every parent must have. These are the perfect size for little hands to stack, feature letters and numbers for easy recognition and they last forever.

Shape Sorting Cubeshape sorter
I remember two variations to this toy. There was the shape sorting cube and the shape sorting ball. Same concept, though the cube is a little more practical and easier for kids to take the shapes out. These toys have cut outs designed for specific shapes to fit through. They help little ones recognize shapes, colors and great for dexterity developmental skills.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Ring Stackstacking rings
My kids played with the exact same Fisher-Price stacking rings that was for their daddy when he was a baby. The stackable rings fit on the post according to the size as the post is wider at the bottom for the larger rings and narrower towards the top for the smaller rings. It’s great for hand-eye coordination, color recognition, plus it rocks.

Fisher-Price Telephonefisher price phone
Every child loves to pretend to talk on the phone. There are fancy techy models now that look more and more like the smartphone you talk on, but you can’t get the same experience as this classic toy. It still features the rotary dial, which is more fun than just pressing buttons. It also has a string for pulling along with eyes that move as it’s being pulled.

Combining a child’s two favorite things, banging and making sounds, a xylophone has always been a fun way to introduce kids to  music. Kids learn as they hear the difference in pitches from the smaller keys to the larger keys. The one I remember had a string to pull it around, but I found this one to be one of the best with accurate tuning and safety. It features a safety mallet that is suitable for babies as young as 12 months and designed so that the keys won’t fall off.

peg puzzleWooden Puzzles
Puzzles are an excellent way for toddlers to build their fine motor skills as well as identify shapes. More complex puzzles with various shapes that fit together also help them work on their problem-solving skills. I love the peg puzzles as these make it easier for little hands to put the pieces where they should go.

Cash registerLittle Tykes Count ‘N Play Cash Register
Growing up, all of my friends and myself included had a toy cash register. It’s still quite popular today, though with many modernized versions. This particular version by Little Tykes reminds me of the one I had with plastic coins that go in designated slots. It’s a great learning toy for toddlers. I also like that the parts are all plastic and there are no paper dollars that can get easily torn.

Play doughPlay Dough
It’s squishy, it’s moldable, and it’s one of those things that never gets old. Play dough offers endless fun with a huge variety of colors to choose from and form into any shape imaginable. Now with so many different accessories from basic molds to deluxe sets the possibilities are endless. Best of all, it requires no batteries, cannot break, and uses only your child’s imagination.

I love the fact that some of the best classic toys of all time are still around today that my kids can experience playing with. It doesn’t have to be fancy or electronic. You would be surprised how much fun your child can have with a simple toy. Best of all, these all offer great value for your child’s development as they learn through play.

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