Bathing Your Baby While Traveling

It’s an often overlooked aspect when it comes to packing for a trip to have bathing essentials for your baby. Sure you could always take the baby in the bath tub with you but this is not exactly convenient, trust me! (If you think going to the bathroom in a restroom stall with a baby is challenging, try getting out of a bathtub with your 2 month old who can’t sit up on his own yet) If you will be planning a trip for a few days, an infant tub or seat that is portable may be something to add on your checklist.

While staying at my mom’s for a few days I hadn’t thought to bring along the infant tub. Fortunately I had a good friend that lived nearby who loaned me her inflatable duck tub she used when her son was a baby. It was perfect and makes a great on-the-go tub if you plan frequent trips. Plus it makes quack sounds when you press its beak. So cute!

Inflatable tubs are great (for babies 6 months+) because it gives babies a comfy, secure place to bathe in.  If you are going on vacation and staying at a hotel, do you really know how hygienic hotel bathrooms are? With inflatable tubs you can just deflate it and fold it up making it really ideal for travel because it takes up minimal space.

Bathing Options for Travel

Here are a few bathing options you have when taking your little one along on a road trip.

The Sink
I would recommend this option only if you are staying with friends or family for the reason previously mentioned about hotel bathrooms. The sink is often a popular choice among moms for bathing their infants. There weren’t always infant tubs for bathing little babies in. It’s the perfect size for your little bean and usually much more comfortable on mom than bending over in a large tub to bathe baby.

Bath Seats
This is another popular item I’ve seen on baby registries as they don’t take up quite as much space as a tub and they’re easy for travel. Infant seats that you can use in the tub help support baby and keeps them from actually touching the inside of the bath tub or sink in hotels. They do take up a little space, however so if you will be traveling by plane this is probably not the most suitable travel option.

The Shower
Taking a bath with baby is not the easiest thing to do, but some people prefer to take their baby in the shower with them. I would be too scared of my squirming, slippery baby sliding out of my arms to try it but I would imagine it’s less challenging when it comes to getting out rather than the tub. This would be a great option if you took a family camping trip where showers were available. We took a camping trip with our older daughter (the baby stayed at my mom’s) but I could see where attempting to bathe a baby, had we brought him, in an RV or campground facility would be a challenge where counter space is limited or there is none for an infant tub or bath seat.

So these are a few options available to you if you need to bathe your baby while traveling. No matter which option you choose, always remember to follow proper bathing safety guidelines to keep your little one safe.

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