4 Baby Sleep Solutions

Any parent who has experienced restless nights and bedtime battles wants to know the secrets for getting baby off to dreamland. There are several different baby sleep solutions you can try to help your little one snooze successfully so that everyone gets a good night’s sleep. One important rule is consistency. Once you find what works for your baby, stick to it. Also, don’t wait until the moment of desperation to try something new. If your little one is having a difficult time drifting off, decide on a strategy for sooner rather than later when your baby is already fighting off going down for the night.

White Noise

Most babies have no problem sleeping through background noise such as the radio or TV. That’s because babies are so used to all the sounds while in mom’s belly that for most, having some type of white noise is soothing. There are dozens of baby products that play soothing lullabies and calming sounds that you can attach to the crib. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant mobile or baby gadget. You can turn on the radio to static and your baby will be lulled to sleep (think alarm clock radio if you already have one by the bed, or for the more modernized parent with an iPhone dock, create a playlist specifically for baby and turn it on when you put them down to sleep). There is also a lullaby app you can download for your smartphone with different sounds to choose from. For the first few months my son slept in a bassinet so I couldn’t exactly attach a mobile and I had hard time sleeping with music or white noise so what I did was put our air purifier that kept on and placed it near the bassinet. The gentle hum of the machine was just enough to help him sleep without disturbing us. When he got older I loved the Fisher Price projection mobile that was given to us for his crib.

Sleep Aids

Some baby sleep solutions require the use of certain items to help baby get to sleep. These can be different for every baby. For many babies it’s a pacifier. Young babies especially find sucking to be very soothing and sleep better with a pacifier. For others, like my first child, it’s something that is close to mom. Your baby knows your smell and this can be a comfort to them with the feeling that you are nearby. Take a shirt that you have worn for a short period of time (one that isn’t dirty or has come into contact with anything that can be irritating such as perfume) and place it in your baby’s crib securely or wrap around them.

Sleep Position

While some babies have no problem falling asleep in a crib or a bassinet, others may sleep better in a different position; although keep in mind you should never put your baby to sleep on their tummies as it poses a risk for SIDS. Some babies like to sleep on their side. You can use a sleep positioner to help keep a younger baby on their side. This may not work for older, more active babies who can roll over much easier. Other babies (both of mine) sleep better on an incline, especially those with acid reflux or when they have a cold. The Fisher Price Rock N’ Play infant sleeper is a great product for such cases and holds up to 25lbs (see my review on this item) You might also try placing a wedge underneath the crib mattress to prop baby up a little more.

Modified Crying It Out Method

If all else fails you can try this modified cry it out method that seems to have worked for other parents (my son would just scream more when I went in to to soothe him so I would end up having to pick him up anyway) The modified cry it out method suggests letting your baby cry for 15 minutes then going in the room and talking/singing to him to soothe him to sleep but don’t pick them up. Parents who have tried this that it has worked for say that after the first couple of nights of doing this their child would cry for a shorter length of time and eventually stopped altogether and were going to sleep on their own.

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