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I mentioned briefly that traditional crib bumpers have been issued as a risk to babies for SIDS. I could easily see why because my first child was pretty active in her crib and often ended up with her face pressed up against it. I knew I wanted something to protect her head from hitting the bars on the side of the crib, but that was also safe.

While the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against the use of crib bumper pads, many parents still use them. I would be one of them because there are a few reasons I like having one in the crib. With the awareness of the SIDS risk traditional bumpers pose newer, safer versions are now available. Check out these safe crib bumpers for your nursery.

Breathable Baby Bumpers

Breathable bumperWe purchased one of these breathable bumpers for our nursery once my kids started sleeping in the crib. It is made of a mesh material that allows babies to breathe but still cushions. I liked this bumper when my kids were small because it was perfect. However, as they got older and began sitting up, it was pretty useless.


  • Safer than traditional bumpers
  • Soft cushion protects heads and keeps limbs inside
  • Adjustable to fit a variety or crib styles

portable cribThe primary reason that makes this one of the top rated safe crib bumpers is due to the mesh material. It provides a light cushion material to protect little heads from getting bumped without posing the risk of suffocation. Another reason I like bumper pads is to help keep my little ones’ arms and legs inside the crib. They often times would get their arms or feet stuck between the crib bars without it. I really liked this bumper also because it comes with a long side and a shorter side to adjust to different crib styles. When our son was born we had him sleep in a cradle crib (which is much smaller than a standard crib) in our room and the long piece was just the right size for it.


  • Don’t care for the collapsible design
  • Only protects bottom part of the crib

While he’s asleep it’s fine, but as soon as my son wakes up I have to take him out of his crib because he likes to pull on the bumper. Also, these bumpers only have one tie that goes around the bars as opposed to the one we had before that had 2 – one at the top hem of the bumper and one at the bottom (and some bumpers even have 3 ties with one in the middle). Having the two ties helps the bumper stay in place better than these with just one. I believe the purpose of only one tie is for the collapsible design of the bumper which is supposed to reduce the risk of climbing (see more below about the crib shield.)

I continue to use our bumper because my son often rolls over when he sleeps so I like having something that cushions the bars. However, now that he’s older and pulls himself up in his crib, the bumper’s protection is limited to only the bottom near the mattress. Sometimes I like to put him in his crib with a couple of toys so I can keep an eye on him while putting the clothes away or picking up in the room. When he’s moving around in the crib he’ll often crawl around until he pushes himself up to the side of his crib with his head pressing into the bars above the bumper. It’s not uncommon for babies to do such things or even bang their heads against the side of the crib. It isn’t really harmful unless they are furiously banging their head; however I still like the idea of having something for better peace of mind. Plus it dresses up the crib some so it doesn’t look so bare.

cribshieldThe makers of this bumper have designed a Crib Shield that has a built-in mesh bumper with a full coverage mesh liner meant to keep kids from getting their limbs stuck in between the crib slats. I did some research and according to their website it is supposedly pediatrician evaluated and recommended. However, upon reading consumer’s reviews there was one major flaw. In a few incidences reported, the liner served as leverage for older babies allowing them to climb over the rail of the crib which poses a serious danger. It’s a nice idea, I would strongly advise against buying this product. There were only a few incidences according to reviews and I couldn’t find anything on consumer reports or product safety commission likely because the few times it has happened it just wasn’t reported. In my opinion, it’s not worth the risk.

Wonder Bumpers Vertical

Wonder BumpersThis is a baby product I would love to try. These are unique safe crib bumpers with a vertical design. It consists of individual bumpers that wrap around each crib slat. It provides better air flow to the crib than a standard bumper because they are vertical. In addition they provide full coverage protection to grow with your baby.

There are various count options to adjust for different crib styles as well as several different color options. I must say these look really neat. The one downfall for me though is the cost. These vertical bumpers cost significantly higher than the one I currently own. Due to their design allowing them to serve for long-term use, I can see the value in this product. Seeing that we already have one and our son is almost a year already I don’t see much point in spending the extra money on one now.

Here’s what others had to say who have tried these bumpers:

These are safer and more attractive, though tedious to launder.

This is the best bumper you can buy. . . I wish I had bought one sooner.

An awesome bumper alternative to regular crib bumpers

These are just a few reviews that were paraphrased for your convenience. You can check out more reviews from other buyers who have tried these bumpers here.

These are just a couple of suggestions according for safer alternative to bumper pads. Even safe crib bumpers do not really provide a significant safety measure for infants and are more for aesthetic purposes and peace of mind than anything. If you are thinking about adding a bumper pad to your baby’s crib, be sure to consider these safer alternatives.


  1. I love the Wonder Bumpers also. I wish I bought them for my first child. I purchased them for my second and could not be happier. They provide complete protection to my little one and are also adorable and easy to wash. Wonder Bumpers are the best bumper product out there, mesh bumpers can become loose and cause harm to your infant.

    • Yes, I had read on another site regarding crib bumper safety that the mesh ones can actually pose a risk of entrapment and strangulation so those are not considered a safe alternative to bumper pads. We have since removed ours from the crib as my son just likes to pull on it and I don’t want to take the risk.

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