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Now that my son is older and much more mobile it is time to put away his Pack N’ Play. As much as I loved it for him when he was little, he has finally reached a point where he’s outgrown it. I like to put him in a playpen when I’m doing things around the house where I can’t keep a close eye on him every second. He’s quick and although we have our home baby-proofed he still manages to get into something. It’s that time to break out the baby playpen fence.

baby playpen fence

When our first child got to the point where she was actively crawling, she no longer wanted to have anything to do with the pack n’ play. I would give her plenty of floor time to crawl around and play and I would bring her with me when I would go into another room of the house, such as the kitchen while cooking or doing dishes. However, there were times when I needed to take care of things around the house where I wasn’t in one place for a length of time and really needed some way to keep her semi-confined while allowing her to move around. That’s when we decided to purchase a baby playpen fence.

What I Love About It
Babies need room to crawl and move around and a Pack N’ Play just doesn’ t provide much room once a baby begins crawling. I got by with it for a few months but then my daughter (and now my son) hated to be put in it. A play yard fence provides more room for moving around while still providing a safe confinement for babies. There are many different kinds of these available and while I really liked the play centers because they were colorful and had little play activities most of them are over $100. We chose the more affordable option, a Northstate Superyard Playgate and here’s why:

  • Adjustable – you can fold it out to various shapes for different configurations.
  • The durable material is scratch-resistant and can be used indoors or outdoors
  • It’s higher than some of the other baby fence playpens I’ve seen (26″)
  • Takes up very little space when folded up
  • play fence holesThe holes in the fence make it easy for little fingers to hold onto for pulling up, cruising and perfect for clipping toys on the inside so you can make your own play areas.
  • Can also be used to put around the christmas tree to protect ornaments from curious tots or having them try to climb up on it.
  • Easy to clean compared to mesh play pens.

I love this Playgate on so many levels. It comes with 6 panels which you snap into each other to connect them. You can fold it out to a hexagon shape which provides the most room to play. You can leave one side open and place against something such as the wall or couch. You can use just 4 panels for a smaller play pen if you need more space or taking it with you where space is limited. You can also purchase an extension kit to make it even larger.

Play fence I really like how large it is providing a play area of 18 square feet. It’s large enough that I can put my daughter in it too to play with her baby brother. Even I and my husband can get in it if we wanted to. Unlike the Pack N’ Play I can put larger toys in it like the Leap Frog table and they still have enough room to move around in it. It’s perfect for our spacious living room because it gives the baby his own space for playing. Since it folds up so neatly it’s easy to bring around or take along when we go somewhere that may not be baby-proofed. I would highly recommend it someone with multiples or frequently has other babies over for play dates.

This playgate is specifically designed of weather-resistance material that holds up well in any weather so you can take it outdoors also providing a safe place for young toddlers to play. I’ve never used ours outside, but I would imagine someone who doesn’t have a fenced in yard and has several children would find this really helpful for younger kids. The material also makes it easier to clean than a mesh play yard.

Another factor with play gates are the holes that allow for holding onto. Unlike a mesh play yard, these play gates are designed in a way that makes it easier for babies to pull up and hold onto while learning to cruise. This is perfect for us because we don’t have a lot of furniture in our living room that our son can pull himself up on. His safety gate, however, gives him the opportunity to pull up and hold onto it while cruising.

What’s Not to Love
I never experienced this problem with ours as we have carpeting though according to other reviews I’ve read, the play gate slides easily on smooth floors such as hardwood. It doesn’t adhere to the floor, obviously therefore if it’s on a smooth surface it could slide or give-way when a baby tries to pull up on it. One solution to this problem if you do have a smooth floor is to place it on a large area rug or possibly a quilt. I’ve seen others generally use it with foam mats.foam mats in baby fence

While it is easy to fold up and transport, I found it a little heavy to carry. We’ve had ours for awhile since we bought it for our first child, but it looks like the new ones now come with a carrying strap to make it easily portable. It can be a pain to unsnap and fold up again and again if you transport it frequently as well.

I mentioned that it was large enough to put my daughter in if I wanted so she could play with our son while he’s in it, however this is not a suitable gate for older toddlers (I wouldn’t put her in it primarily to play in as she is perfectly old enough and capable of knowing what not to get into.) It’s sturdy enough for babies but for toddlers who may try to climb over it, it could easily collapse. This is pretty common-sense though because it’s meant for babies anyway, not toddlers.

Reviews By Other Baby Playpen Fence Owners
I like to provide readers with a better knowledge of a product based on personal experience not just solely from mine but from others’ perspectives about it as well. Here are a few things other parents had to say about the Superyard Playgate:

“We purchased this Superyard for our daughter who is now one year old. It is convenient and a very safe product when you follow the directions.”
“A play yard large enough for twins! My twins loved it and learned to crawl and walk by holding onto the sides.”
“Sturdy product though somewhat cumbersome to break down.”
“Not recommended for long-term outdoor use. After the summer the fencing became very brittle.”

These reviews were paraphrased for your convenience. To see their full description along with other reviews check them out here.

A Few Other Notes

christmas tree gateWhat’s great about the Superyard compared with other playpen fences is that you can break it down for other uses. When our daughter was little we used it around the christmas tree to keep her from attempting to pull on it or take the ornaments off. You could also use it as a barrier to guard off things you don’t want the kids getting a hold of such as in front of the entertainment center to block the DVD player. On that note, I should also mention that it should NOT serve as a safety gate for stairways or rooms you want to keep them out of. It doesn’t anchor to the wall so it can not be secured like an actual safety gate.

It is very durable. We used it for the longest time with our daughter and now again with our son and we have had no issues with ours, although we never used it outside. It’s pretty sturdy for a gate that folds, not quite as sturdy as some other ones but works well for babies and toddlers 6 – 18 months. I found it heavy when folded up, but the panels themselves are lightweight – so much so that sometimes my 3 year old will pick up the bottom of it to pull out a toy that’s inside of it. This isn’t really so much an issue with the play pen because it isn’t meant for older toddlers who are capable of lifting it. This just goes to say that no matter what method you have for your child you should never leave them completely unsupervised.

Also, I would like to note that while I highly recommend this product as a play pen for babies please DO NOT leave them in all day. Babies and toddlers need extra room (more than just 18 square feet) to exercise their developing muscles. And while the construction of the fence allows for babies to pull up and hold onto, you should allow your baby ample opportunities to pull up on secure furniture for learning how to cruise.


Northstate Superyard Playgate

Superyard Colorplay

Superyard Play Yard Colorplay, 8 panel


  1. What is around the inside of the play yard in the picture with the alphabet mats on the floor? It looks like it covers the first 8 or 9 inches of the bottom of the gate?

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