Baby Feeding

One general topic that poses questions and concerns with all new parents is feeding their babies. Nutrition is a vital component for your baby’s health. Here I’ll discuss common issues regarding feeding your infant into toddler-hood.

Newborn Feeding

breastfeedingYour baby will spend most of their first few months primarily eating and sleeping. For those first 6 months your baby will have a purely liquid diet consisting of milk in the form of either breast milk or formula. I will go over the basics including a guide on breastfeeding to help answer your questions such as:

Solid Feeding

Beginning solid foods is a whole new experience for babies. This is a time when they discover new and interesting tastes and textures apart from their previous diet. It can also be mind boggling for parents with food stages and what is safe or unsafe to start babies on. Here are some topics I’ll go over in this section on solid feeding:

Toddler Feeding

baby blueberries stainWhen it comes to toddlers, meal times can be stressful. As children become familiar with different tastes they’ll start to show certain preferences towards them. If you have a picky eater on your hands, discover ways of providing delicious alternatives with health benefits as well as special dietary options in these featured articles for toddler feeding:

While feeding can be an exciting experience for both you and your baby, it can also be stressful with so many factors that affect your baby’s overall health. To help make it a little easier I’ve covered many issues parents may find themselves faced with when it comes to infant feeding which you can find in these related articles: