Amber Teething Necklaces: Not Just an Accessory

I couldn’t help but notice lately that more babies are donning a new fashion trend that had me puzzled and, to be honest, a little concerned. What was with these babies wearing little necklaces made of stones that look like REAL jewelry!? The control freak in me thought ‘babies wearing necklaces seems a bit hazardous’ so I had to ask and was completely shocked. It turns out these necklaces are actually Baltic amber teething necklaces, specifically for babies for their soothing benefits.

What is Baltic Amber?

For those who are unaware, much like myself, Baltic Amber is a natural resin that contains high concentrations of Succinic acid – a healing oil that has been used since the beginning of time for treating a wide array of ailments. These healing oils consist of properties which help alleviate inflammation and redness, natural analgesic for pain relief, and reduces stress. It is a common alternative medicine that dates back for centuries.

What makes Baltic Amber such a great alternative teething remedy is the natural properties contained within which reduce redness and inflammation of the cheeks and gums. These properties also help in stimulating the thyroid gland to reduce drooling and provide a natural analgesic for easing pain and discomfort, all of which are symptoms commonly associated with teething.

My youngest son is a late bloomer for his teeth and his cheeks get bright, rosy red sometimes as he has multiple baby teeth coming in at once. As you can imagine, this is no picnic for either of us, so I was willing to give these a try to see how well they work. I purchased this Amber Teething Necklace based on its best seller rating and positive reviews.

**Just to be clear: necklaces and jewelry are not typically recommended for babies as they can pose a serious strangulation and choking hazard. With this in mind, I had my reservations about trying it, but did exercise caution in using it. In fact, the product came with a parental warning to use only under adult supervision and NEVER leave your baby unattended with it or sleep while wearing it (This seems like a no-brainer that shouldn’t need a warning, but then again there’s a reason we have directions on shampoo bottles). So if you do choose to purchase one, be sure to remove it at nap time and bedtime. I would also strongly advise removing it for car trips.

I have seen mixed reviews regarding these amber teething necklaces, however, the majority appear to be very positive. One reviewer noted that there are several knock-offs that are being sold and are not made with authentic Baltic amber. This basically defeats the purpose of using it for the healing properties and could therefore have something to do with those who saw no difference in results.

From my personal experience, my son’s bright red cheeks have significantly reduced since wearing it. He hasn’t been very irritable and fussy either, although that’s hard to say if it’s really a result from the necklace or not as there can be a number of reasons a baby can be cranky one day and completely opposite the next. What I was really concerned with is that he’d try to pull on it or chew it, but as many others noted too, it never phased him. The necklace is worn underneath clothing so it is in contact with the skin, which may explain why it doesn’t grab his attention. It’s also very lightweight. Still, I’d never leave the room while he’s wearing it.

This one comes in a neat little pouch to store it when he’s not wearing it. This makes it much easier not to lose it. I’ve seen similar necklaces that come in different clasp closures, but this one is a screw clasp within two of the stones. As a safety measure, the screw clasp can be pulled apart to remove it if need be. It can also be worn around the ankle, if you don’t wish to put it around your baby’s neck.

What is really neat is that these Baltic amber necklaces come in several color variations so you can choose something darker, more subtle, or a multi-colored option-which seems to be the most favored. They’re all very gender-neutral in my opinion. This particular necklace was made with each bead individually knotted so that in the event it should break there won’t be a bunch of beads rolling around all over for your baby to grab and swallow.

Just to be clear, these teething amber teething necklaces are meant to be worn and not for chewing. It should be removed at bath time as well, as it’s recommended not to get these wet. This can cause the string to begin breaking down and deteriorate over time.

Overall, I really liked the idea of these amber teething necklaces. Based on my personal experience it seems to have made a difference in my son’s temperament (which may or may not be a direct result of wearing the necklace). Upon hearing from other moms, it does seem to have beneficial properties that aid in teething. If you’re on the fence with this, I say give it a shot.


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