Infant Development: 8 Month Milestones

By their 8th month, babies’ motor skills are really kicking into gear as they begin gaining more strength. Many babies, not all, are moving around either by scooting or crawling, and possibly standing while holding onto furniture. Here are a few infant developmental milestones you can expect your little one to be hitting this month:

  • Adjusts their posture to reach for somethingDSCN2866 - Copy
  • Uses index finger, fourth and fifth fingers against thumb to pick up an object
  • Tries to get toys that are out of reach
  • Can let go of objects
  • Although they may not listen, generally understands ‘no’
  • Does not like having diaper changed or getting dressed

Keep in mind that babies will develop at their own rate and may do some but not all of the above listed developmental skills. If you notice your baby hasn’t achieved any of these infant developmental milestones, consult with your doctor. It may be perfectly normal, though in some cases a delay in development could be an indication of  a medical problem.

Other Things Baby May Be Doing

Because babies develop at different rates, some may reach certain infant developmental milestones sooner than others. Here is a look at other skills your baby may be doing by the end of this month:

  • Play patty cake  or wave bye-bye
  • Begin cruising (walking holding onto furniture)
  • Play Peekaboo
  • Pull up to standing from sitting position

I have even heard some parents say their babies started walking as early as 7 1/2 months, though that is not really common. Don’t panic if your baby isn’t pulling themselves up just yet. My first didn’t walk until she was 15 months, although this wasn’t unusual given the fact that she was preemie. Rather than crawling, she would scoot everywhere on her back.  At around 8 months by son was doing a cross between crawling and walking where his hands and feet were flat on the floor with his butt up in the air. He never did take to crawling much either. Some babies just skip crawling and go straight to walking, though many at this point are making some type of attempt to getting around.

Your baby probably won’t have a wellness check this month unless your doctor has scheduled one to address a previous condition. If you have any concerns regarding your baby’s health or their infant developmental milestones, do call your doctor.

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Reference: 8 Month Infant Development

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