5 Reasons to Support a Child in a Developing Country

Sharing is caring and if your family is financially stable, you may want to make a kid from a developing country happy by sponsoring his or her basic rights and needs.

Child sponsorship plays a big role in connecting people to the lives of marginalized children. Sponsoring is different from providing a once-in-a-lifetime help to the needy we see on the streets. Sponsorship is a solid way to make a positive difference in the real life of a deprived child.

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Here are a few reasons that may encourage you to sponsor a kid.

It’s affordable

Sponsoring a kid doesn’t mean you need to pay thousands a month. In fact, most charitable groups only ask for a daily amount that’s less than a cup of coffee that people can buy at Starbucks. If you can afford a latte every day, you can definitely sponsor a child.

You know where your money goes

Charitable groups are very transparent with sponsor donations. UnaKids, a charitable group that arranges sponsorship for marginalized children in war-torn countries, provides quarterly progress news that include school reports, bank statements, and other miscellaneous receipts that benefited the child.

You become a beacon of hope

The sponsorship fee may just cost little to you but it has a great impact to the child you’re sponsoring. Not everyone, even if they can, sponsors a kid and every little donation comes a long way in making a deprived child feel special.

It starts a ripple effect

Sponsoring a child benefits an entire community. After finishing school, it’s highly possible that the sponsored child will give back and help future generations. In addition, anyone who has been schooled and removed from poverty will be able to provide for their own family when they get married.

Helping others feel good

It may sound cliché but helping others really feels good. When you grow old, wouldn’t it be heartwarming to know that once in your life, you’ve helped one soul become a better person?

Sponsoring children is a good way to make developing countries feel that they are not forgotten. Sponsor a child today and help make the world a better place.

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