25 Things Every Child Should Experience

Kids today are born into a digital age. With so many technological advances we’ve become so dependent on modern technology that we might be missing out. It’s important to ensure that our kids are still getting the exercise and mental stimulation they need for healthy growth and development. To ensure they don’t miss out on key experiences here is a list of things every child should experience from physical activities to learning life skills from common events.

Activities Every Child Should Experience

Physical development is a vital part of a child’s growth. It’s easy for kids to be tuned into TV and video games, but it’s imperative that they get in enough physical exercise. Can you imagine that some kids don’t even know how to skip! These are physical activities that every child should learn how to do.

25 Things Every Child Should ExperienceHopscotch –  This may come as a surprise but the truth is 1 in 3 children have never played hopscotch. This game not only gets kids moving but it also helps them to develop rhythm, body control, and muscle strength. In addition, accomplishing the task of hopping on one foot signals physical coordination as well as cognitive development.
Riding a bike – Every child should learn how to ride a bike. It’s great exercise for kids and adults with cardiovascular benefits. When a child learns how to ride a bike for the first time, especially without training wheels it helps improve their confidence and self-reliance.
Catching a frog (or lizard) – It may seem like an undesirable activity among the squeamish, but for a child learning how to catch a moving living creature (that is not poisonous or otherwise dangerous) can help evade fears of insects and animals as well as teaching them how to be gentle with small creatures – a good skill for them to acquire prior to owning a pet.
Playing alone – just as important as it is for kids to learn how to make friends, they should also learn how to play independently. Pretend play by themselves helps them to broaden their imagination and creativity.
Climbing a tree – this a fun recreational activity that uses a child’s gross motor skills. It also stimulates the other senses including touch from the bark’s texture and smell. Just be sure they are closely supervised and advise on caution to help avoid the risk of injury. You may also want to tie a rope to help them climb.

These are some other fun activities which can be beneficial to kids that they should experience:

  • d482957cc844cfca48291ea55c075b6fjumping in a pile of leaves – this is not only a fun activity but can also help teach kids about responsibility of chores. As much as toddlers enjoy having fun they also like to help mom and dad so let them rake up the leaves when the fun is over and bag them up.
  • playing in the rain – as long as there’s no lightning, let them run wild in the water and splash in puddles
  • jumping rope – either individually or with friends

Social Experiences

These are various social occurrences that children should experience at some point in their life.

Making a best friendHaving a companion a child can trust in aside from their parents helps build emotional and social development.
Fighting with a best friend – even the closest of best friends don’t always get along. It’s good for a child to experience a fight with a best friend as it helps them to face conflict and learn to resolve it. As long as it doesn’t become physical or result in bad behavior, an occasional spat between besties is perfectly healthy.
A family picnic – experiencing a meal together as a family helps children to grow socially. Having a family picnic creates a natural environment that is more relaxed and encourages other development-building activities:

    • 64564b04e2c0c446cd3da3ccdf3fdefeWatching clouds  – this is fun and encourages imagination as kids love to make shapes and figures as they gaze at the fluffy white forms in the sky.
    • Observing birds bird-watching can be amusing and can help teach kids about different species of animals and the different sounds that birds make.
    • Staring up into space – Ok, so your kids might already do this when they’re utterly bored, however there’s more to gazing blankly in space. It promotes quiet thinking processes.

Attending a funeral – This may seem like a morbid thing for a child to experience but parents shouldn’t shield their child from it. Kids shouldn’t be left out at a funeral as it gives them meaning to be able to say goodbye to a loved one who’s gone and acceptance about death.
Volunteering – having your child volunteer or participate in a charitable event helps them learn how to appreciate things they have and teaches responsibility. Furthermore, volunteering with your child builds a stronger emotional bond with them.

Mind-Building Things Every Child Should Experience

These skill-building activities and life experiences help to build a child’s mental development in several ways.

adf08dd125cfe734e93f67e7f0fb706dPlaying an instrument – learning how to play a musical instrument is something every child should experience for its many development building capabilities such as speech recognition, sounds and patterns, and even proves beneficial to children with certain mental disabilities.
Visiting a museum – taking a visit to a museum is an experience all children should have. It’s educational and encourages an interest in learning about things in history and cultures. Other places that children should visit which are not only fascinating but also great for their mental development are zoos or aquariums and a tour of a factory.
Building a fort – This is a great indoor-activity for kids on rainy days that also encourages creativity and analytic skills. It also allows them to have playtime that is unstructured and express their interior designing skills.

Finally, these life experiences can help build character, self-confidence, and more successful children.

Losing – everyone wants to win but every child needs to learn how to lose once in a while. Teaching your child how to accept failure can help them to become a good sport and understand acceptance.
Getting picked last – same concept as learning how to lose, children need to learn that they are not always going to be the most popular or favored and that it’s ok.
Having a crush – This is something most parents dread, when their child becomes interested in a special friend. Childhood crushes, however are normal phases kids go through and it teaches children about affection towards others besides their parents and immediate family to encourage building emotional skills.
Going on a road triptaking an annual vacation is not only a fun bonding experience as a family, but it also helps children learn about different places. The next time you take a road trip with the family stop at the welcome centers along the way to pick up travel brochures that you can read and teach children about such as historical monuments and different cultures.

Many of these activities are fun and educational for children to enjoy while helping them grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and help them prepare for real-life events.

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