10 Best Double Strollers for Twins

If you are expecting twins or are a parent of multiples you probably already know you’re going to need two of everything (or almost everything.) In today’s modern world there have been many advancements in baby gear products for convenience and practicality which also includes baby gear specifically designed to tailor to the needs of multiple babies. One item in particular you are going to need for taking trips out with twins is a stroller that accommodates two babies. I have brought to you a list for some of the best double strollers on the market today from simple models,  to the best top of the line double strollers in the industry.

Best double strollersExpecting double can be exciting and very overwhelming. One way that baby gear manufacturers have come to provide convenience to parents of multiples is through double strollers to make outings a little easier with two in tow. These are designed to safely carry two (or more in some models) babies simultaneously without having to resort to pushing two separate strollers.

It’s not just parents of twins who can benefit from the use of these, but parents of multiple children as well. With a toddler and an infant I have come to obtain one to make shopping trips a little easier (see my review) I’ve only really used it on a few occasions but I’m so glad to have it. No matter what your needs are you can find the right stroller that works for you. Here are some of the best top selling strollers on the market today.

Prices will be reflected as:
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$$$$= Under $200

Best In-Line Double Strollers

An in-line double stroller is designed with a seat in the front and a seat in the back. I personally prefer these as they’re easier to maneuver around the aisles in department stores and they can easily pass through doorways. These would be suitable for someone who has narrow doorways or shops frequently.

Rated 4.3 out of 5   »   Price: $$$$   »   {Read Reviews}
Contours Options Tandem Stroller
Graco DuoGlider was designed for ease of use by mom. In addition to its lightweight frame, it has a neat stand-alone fold design so you can close it using only one hand without having to bend over so it saves your back. The two individual seats each recline with a fully reclining rear seat that lays flat for when one of your little ones gets tuckered out. There is also a nice oversized basket underneath to hold essentials and perfect for shopping trips. The stroller accepts two Graco Classic Connect infant car seats for outings when babies are little. Each seat accommodates a child up to 40lbs.


Rated 4.1 out of 5   »   Price: $$$$   »   {Read Reviews}
Contours Options Tandem Stroller
Here’s a double stroller that provides ultimate versatility. With 12 different riding options that grow with your child from infant to toddlers up to 50lbs each it is an ideal choice for expanding families. The one-handed stand alone folding feature operates to lock in place automatically so you have one free hand for baby or bags. The front swivel wheels with suspension help to provide optimal maneuverability.


Rated 4.3 out of 5   »   Price: $$$$$   »   {Read Reviews}
Contours Options Tandem Stroller
Perhaps you have two different car seats and looking for a double stroller that is compatible with each one. This one by Contours comes with an infant car seat adapter that is compatible with over 20 common brand names to accommodate younger babies. The stadium-style seats have 6 different positions to give infants and children several options for seating and has adjustable leg rests.


Top Rated Side-by-Side Double Strollers

Most side-by-side strollers are generally a little lighter than in-line strollers and gives each child a better view. They can also be much easier to maneuver. These strollers are also great for taking kids on a leisurely stroll through the park.

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Delta City Street Stroller
If you’re wanting a basic double stroller for your toddlers that is super lightweight and affordable this Delta City twin stroller is a good buy. Perfect for short trips with two toddlers or if you want a second one to keep with grandma this double stroller accommodates two toddlers up to 35 pounds each. It folds up compactly for easy transport and storage. It also has two storage bags on the back of each stroller to hold necessities.


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Jeep Wrangler Sport
For nature lovers who enjoy spending time outdoors, this Jeep Wrangler Sport Stroller is ideal for comfort in any weather. Both seats recline and hold a maximum weight of 35lbs each. The parent tray with cup holder is removable when not needed and includes cargo bags for storage. The seats feature a unique cool-climate roll-up that allows air to pass through during the summer and rolls down for blocking out the wind during winter.


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Joovy Scooter Double Stroller
If you are looking for a sleek side-by-side with similar features to an in-line stroller, this Joovy Scooter fits through most doorways and has two seats that recline independently without disturbing the other passenger. It has the largest storage basket for a side-by-side and a mesh pocket inside each of the seats for keeping toys and cups at hand. It also folds down one-handedly for a nearly flat, compact design to make it easier to store.


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Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger
This jogger by Schwinn is made of an aluminum frame for a lightweight stroller that’s easier to transport and take in and out of a trunk. It also features MP3 speakers so kids can enjoy listening to music as you take them for a stroll. This double jogger also features a child tray with a cup holder for each child which pivots to make getting out easier. There’s also a parent console with a cup holder and adjustable handlebar for convenience.


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BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller
If budget is not your concern and you’re wanting a state of the art jogging stroller then the BOB Revolution is for you. The superior suspension system is adjustable to provide a smooth ride for the kiddos for stability even on rough terrains if you like to go off the beaten path. It turns and pushes very easily with lockable swivel front wheel for better maneuverability. This is a great stroller for parents with a baby and a toddler also because of the accessory adapter which can attach an adapter for a BOB infant car seat or a child snack tray. It folds down compactly without having to remove the wheels for easy and faster transporting.


Affordable Double Stroller Alternatives

Perhaps you are on a tight budget or don’t plan on buying a new double stroller that you know you won’t be using too often. Here are a couple of alternatives that are less expensive. You may already have the gear to ‘build your own’ double stroller with these accessories.

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Double Stroller Links
This is a great option for parents who may already have two individual strollers or currently have one and may be planning on buying a second one that is affordable. These connector links attach to join two strollers into one. It does make it wider than a standard side-by-side stroller so you would have to disconnect the strollers to get through doorways. It’s an easy inexpensive alternative to a side-by-side double stroller.


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Baby Trend Universal Double Stroller Frame
This frame is designed to snap in two infant car seats for a double stroller. It’s is compatible with all infant car seats. It has many similar features to a standard in-line double stroller with stadium seating, a large storage basket underneath, and a parent console with 2 cup holders and covered compartment for keys or cell phone. It’s much lighter and easier to fold up and save for transporting than your traditional in-line stroller.

Parents of multiples have several options for getting around with more than one child. Whether you are looking for the best-selling double strollers or affordable top rated double strollers these are some popular choices.


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