10 Clever Life Hacks for Parents

As parents we could all use a helping hand here and there. Sometimes there are simple little tricks that can make this parenting thing go a lot easier and keep both mom and baby happy. Check out some of these really clever life hacks for parents that will help you save your sanity as well as get the most out of the products you probably have around the house. Who thought of the word life hacks to describe these tips anyway???

Baby Bath Basketbaby in tub
I’ve seen many parents struggle with a better way to bathe their babies once they outgrow their infant tub. Bath ring seats are hard to find as many have been recalled due to accidents from kids tipping over in them. A simple solution is to use a laundry basket! This keeps baby in safe confines so they aren’t slipping around everywhere and keeps their bath toys within easy reach.

Hang Up Bibs
This is a genius idea if you’re like me and have a ton of bibs and not enough space to store them anywhere. When I worked in a daycare, we’d hang up all of the bibs on a side rack of her baker’s rack. Another idea is to stick one of those command hooks on the back of the high chair to hang them up where they are out of sight until you need one!

Stuff Diapers with a Maxi Pad for Extra Absorbency
If you have a really heavy wetter at nighttime then you know the frustration of leaks. Even the overnight diapers are sometimes not enough. I was lucky enough to have found a store that carried diaper stuffers specifically made for adding extra absorbency to diapers. They actually resemble the maxi pads I had in the hospital after giving birth – you know the thick ones without the wings or plastic lining? You can use inexpensive maxi pads instead to stuff diapers at night to prevent leaks!

Tie Back Loose Straps with a Barrettebarrette holding straps
My daughter has always been petite so anything with spaghetti straps is usually loose-fitting on her and comes too low in the front. Secure straps in the back using a cute barrette! This looks way better and actually stays more secure rather than trying to tie them together with a ribbon.

Use a Pool Noodle for a Bed Rail
Many cribs are now made to convert to toddler day beds by removing one of the crib sides. Some of these cribs do come with the side rail to convert it, but some you have to buy separately. If yours doesn’t have a side rail or you’re moving up to a big bed, use a pool noodle underneath the fitted to sheet to help keep little ones from rolling out of bed. This is also great for traveling with toddlers when you’ll be staying at a relative’s or hotel with a bigger bed.

***Btw – a great time to get one of these is at the end of summer/early fall when stores put all of the summer stuff on clearance; so grab one or a few really cheap for your toddler before they stop selling them during the winter months. They can also make great door stops to keep little fingers from getting smashed as well as baby-proofing around the house. Just cut it in half and secure it to the edge of the door or on sharp edges and corners.

Use a Canister for Hair Accessories
Hair bows are relatively easy to store. Most moms of little girls like the ones you hang on the wall that have ribbons attached to clip barrettes and bows on. These are cute, but what about all of those pony tails and the ones you can’t clip? Keep them together by reusing an old coffee can or an oatmeal canister (any large can will work, really). Just clean it out and decorate the outside of it with cute fabric, ribbon, or even construction paper!

Use a Pacifier to Give Medicine
If your little one gives you a hard time taking medicine with a dropper, try using a Soothie or NUK pacifier (the ones with the open end) by cutting a hole in the nipple and sticking the dropper in the open end part to give it more easily. And if you happen to have a medication your child must take that does not come in a liquid and you have a hard time getting your toddler to take it dissolved – try sticking the pill in a gummy fruit chew. If it’s too big you can always try dissolving it completely in water or even juice and withdrawing it in a syringe to administer it.

Flatten Toilet Paper Rolls so Kids Use Less
It’s easy for little potty trainers to use up way too much toilet paper because it spins so quickly on the roller. You can help lessen the amount of TP your little one uses by taking the roll and flattening it out before putting it on the holder so it doesn’t spin around as fast. Likewise, you’ll have less toilet paper to roll back up when curious tots take to playing with it!

Use Magnet Clips to Store Artwork on the Fridge
Your child will have lots of beautiful artwork they’ll want to display, but your fridge can only hold so much. You can hang on to those masterpieces by using a magnet clip to hold them all and let your child switch them out for a different picture day to day! You’ll also free up more space to keep those date reminders and appointment cards.

Stand Popsicles Upright in Freezer for Clean Cut
If you buy the popsicles that come in liquid form in the long, thin plastic casings then you know the majority of the time when you freeze them and go to cut them open, you get sticky scissors from the uneven popsicle. Stand them upright in the freezer in between the slats of the shelf so the top will be a clean cut.

You can find a ton of more clever life hacks for parents to save space, organize, and for everyday life all over the Internet. These were just some I thought most useful and practical. Please share any tips and tricks you use to make everyday life a little easier with kids.

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