10 Clever Hacks for the Nursery

Life with a new baby can be chaotic. Who knew that someone so little could require so much stuff!? There has to be a better way to simplify all the things that come with a new baby with clever hacks for the nursery, right? You better believe it. Thanks to some genius ideas from other moms and some useful solutions I’ve come up with myself I use many ‘life hacks’ around the house to save space and organize. Here are some useful solutions for the baby’s room that might just make your life a little easier. You’re welcome!

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Smart Storage Solutions

Our very first home together after getting married was a small two-bedroom mobile home. Like many young newlyweds, we had a tight budget and couldn’t afford a lavish home with bedrooms to spare and the nursery for our firstborn was quite tiny. For those who live in apartments or tight living space, you have to get a little creative for storage space.

Utilize Wall Spacewall art with pegs – Inexpensive shelves can be found at many dollar stores and are easy to install. These can be used in a number of ways from displaying cute nursery keepsakes to keeping books neatly organized. Maximize their use by installing hooks underneath the shelf to hang additional items, such as baby shoes – it adds a cute decorative component to the nursery while giving them a place off the floor. Also opt for wall decor that can serve an additional function to store things, like wire planters for stuffed toys.

Organize drawers – Use small storage boxes in dresser drawers and changing table drawers to separate and organize those tiny baby clothes like socks, diapers, and accessories. For additional space, roll up onesies rather than folding.

Utilize Under the Crib Storage – Most crib bedding sets come with a dust ruffle to dress up the bottom of the crib. This also hides the empty space underneath that can be used for additional storage. Purchase inexpensive under-bed storage containers or baskets to keep baby items that won’t be used right away or extra diapers, etc.

Convert closet into changing station – If your nursery closet is large enough to accommodate a changing table or a dresser, you can easily convert it into a changing station to give you more space in the nursery! Hang up baby’s clothes on hooks under shelves or wall decor as suggested above.

Hang a laundry bag – Rather than using a hamper that takes up space, opt for a laundry bag instead to hang up on a hook behind the door. A laundry bag is also easier to carry to the washer rather than hauling a hamper (in my opinion).

Sanity Savers

Here are some additional clever hacks for the nursery that can help make your life a little bit easier.

Separate socks for the wash – We all know the never-ending battle of lost socks in the wash and baby socks are especially easy to lose. Get a couple of mesh laundry bags to put baby’s socks in for washing. I also use these for cloth nursing pads and bibs with velcro.

Prepare the week’s outfits for diaper bag – save time preparing the diaper bag for the sitter or day care by taking out baby’s outfits for the week. Keep a box of Zip-loc bags in the laundry room to fold baby’s clothes and place an outfit directly in a bag for each day of the week (add matching accessories to the bag too so you aren’t scrambling around looking for bows and headbands). You’ll not only save time and your sanity in getting them ready for the day, you’ll also have an extra bag to keep wet or soiled clothes in when on the go.

Diaper disposal bag dispenser – odor-free diaper pails are a convenient luxury to dispose stinky diapers, but they aren’t always practical when you’re hard-pressed for space. Plus, those liner refills can get expensive. Instead, reuse a wipes tub and fill with grocery store bags to dispose those dirty diapers or scented diaper bags that can be purchased from the dollar store.

Window covers – If your baby’s nursery faces in a direction where a lot of sunlight comes through, you can help them fall asleep better and stay asleep longer by adding room darkening shades to the windows. The Blackout EZ window covers have velcro to hang them up and take them down easily when you do want the natural sunlight or you can find DIY instructions if you’re handy with a needle and thread.

Use receiving blankets as a sheet saver – If your baby has frequent spit up, use receiving blankets in the crib, bassinet, or playpen by placing over the mattress where they lie their head. If they spit up on it, just remove the blanket rather than having to change out the sheets every time. You can also layer up on blankets to save sheets from blowouts! Just be sure to use a blanket that is long/wide enough to tuck in tightly on the sides of the mattress to prevent the risk of SIDS.

To save even more space with the bigger stuff your baby will use, consider looking into multi-functioning baby gear! If you have more ideas and tips you would like to add to these clever hacks for the nursery feel free to share them in the comments.

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