Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon Review

Radio flyer wagon

A wagon is an all-time classic favorite for many reasons. Kids love riding along in them as well as pulling along their toys. Of course, Radio Flyer is a widely recognized name brand when it comes to wagons and they’ve come a long way with many other products (See my Radio Flyer Trike review). With two kiddos and another one on the way, it only made sense to turn to a trusted brand that would last when looking for a {Read More}

Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Children

separation anxiety

It’s very common for young children to become attached to their parents. In fact, separation anxiety in children is actually a natural part of development. It’s a stage that can be just as difficult for the parent as the child to cope with, but in time this phase will pass. Some children experience separation anxiety before they reach the age of 1 while others may experience it later. Crying, screaming, or clinginess when a parent leaves are typical indications. It {Read More}

Sassy Bounce Around Activity Center Review

Sassy bounce around activity center

Let’s face it, there are times when mom could use a helping hand. Babies love to be entertained and sometimes you just need a little extra time to get things done. The Bounce Around Activity Center from Sassy is a wonderful toy that will keep your baby engaged while keeping them safely secured. Activity centers have become widely popular with the dangers and risks that traditional walkers pose, because these are stationary yet allow babies to put support on their {Read More}

Do You Know the Signs of Postpartum Depression


When you’re expecting you most likely imagine your life full of joy and bliss as you take on the roll of parenthood. Sure, you know there will be challenges and stress at times, but you also know that you’ve brought a new little person into your life that will make it worthwhile. What you don’t imagine is spending day after day feeling depressed and not knowing why. You could be experiencing signs of postpartum depression and may not even realize {Read More}

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning House Review

Fisher Price learning house

I’m all about toys that help kids learn and encourage development through play. Fisher-Price toys and baby gear have always been a brand I’ve trusted for quality and durability as you can see from some of my previous reviews. When we got this cute Learning House, naturally I expected I would get my money’s worth out of it. I have not been disappointed. Read further in my Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning House review to get the low-down on this {Read More}

10 Clever Life Hacks for Parents

baby in tub

As parents we could all use a helping hand here and there. Sometimes there are simple little tricks that can make this parenting thing go a lot easier and keep both mom and baby happy. Check out some of these really clever life hacks for parents that will help you save your sanity as well as get the most out of the products you probably have around the house. Who thought of the word life hacks to describe these tips {Read More}

Best Foods for Baby Development During Pregnancy

healthy pregnant diet

You are probably already aware of the importance of taking prenatal vitamins during pregnancy. Did you know that certain things in your diet can help in your baby’s development? You can give your baby an early start by choosing the right foods for baby development during pregnancy. Likewise, some food choices can actually have a negative impact on baby’s development.   Most of us want to eat healthy during pregnancy, but with morning sickness, food aversions, and wild cravings that {Read More}

Fisher-Price Sing Along Stage Review

Fisher price stage

What’s cuter than watching little ones sing and dance? Babies often respond very well to music and it’s common to see them ‘singing’ along to their favorite tunes. This cute little sing along stage by Fisher-Price gives them a great opportunity to exercise those vocal cords with a few other fun features. Read on to see my Fisher-Price Sing Along Stage review. Fisher-Price Super Star Sing Along Stage This fun sing-along stage comes with a magical microphone that just needs {Read More}

Top 5 Fun Attractions for Preschoolers

The Crayola experience

Family vacations are a fun experience for everyone to bond while doing fun activities together. It can also pose learning opportunities for little ones that help encourage and stimulate development. If you’re unsure of a travel destination to take for your next vacation, check out some of these cool and fun attractions for preschoolers that the whole family can enjoy. The Crayola Experience Now here’s a place where your little Picasso can take their art skills to a whole new {Read More}

Must-Have Travel Baby Gear

BabyBjorn travel crib

Traveling with kids, whether by car or plane, can be nerve-wracking. The stress of packing everything you need with little ones on board can be mind-boggling as you don’t want to leave anything behind that you may need. Having the right essentials can make traveling much easier, but what should you take along for the ride? We’ve compiled a list of must-have travel baby gear that you shouldn’t leave home without. Must Have Travel Gear for Babies For someone so {Read More}