The Top 10 Best Baby Gear Gadgets

Boon night light

Are you the type of person that geeks out over the newest gadget? There are so many different electronic devices that are available to help make life simpler, especially for parents. I did a little research of my own to find some of the best baby gear gadgets that are hot on the market right now for the techie lover! We rely very heavily on technology these days. There are apps for just about anything you can imagine. It makes {Read More}

Disney Movie Club Membership Review

I receive special promotions for stuff in the mail all the time for free stuff. Usually it’s stuff like free books when you sign up for this or a free backpack when you sign up for that. One promotion I have received pretty often is to join the Disney Movie Club. We do watch Disney movies from time to time, though we always rent them when they come out, with the exception of purchasing some family favorites. If you’ve been {Read More}

Does Frequent Exposure to Germs Increase Immunity?

Like most new moms, when I had my first child I quickly became a germophobe. Everything had to be sterilized and hands thoroughly washed before even coming near the baby. Sound familiar? Of course, my daughter was also premature, which left her more susceptible than full-term babies. With my second child, I was much more lax about the situation. So does frequent exposure to germs increase immunity in your baby? It turns out there is some truth to this, but {Read More}

Best Book Recommendations for Kids

Story time is a great way for kids to learn through what they see and hear in books. Reading to your child, no matter how early, aids in their development of language skills while instilling a love for reading. It can also help them identify objects from what they see in the pictures. I’ve compiled a list featuring some of the best book recommendations for kids based on age. There are many wonderful things that come from reading books to {Read More}

Repurposing Baby Furniture Ideas

crib project

Your baby may be little, but they sure require some big furniture. Unless you have a very large home or a storage unit, holding on to those bulky items can take up a lot of space. When it comes to used cribs, there are certain standards that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has placed to ensure safety, making reselling or handing down outdated cribs illegal. Repurposing baby furniture is a simple solution that is very feasible and safe for everyone. {Read More}

Fisher-Price See ‘N Say Review

Fisher Price See 'n Say

Who remembers having one of these as a kid? I know I do. One thing that I love about Fisher Price toys is their classic style that always comes back around. As with anything, they are now much more improved and have more advanced features than the original models, but it’s still basically the same thing. I couldn’t resist having one of these for my children as a neat learning toy to have. Here is my Fisher-Price See ‘N Say {Read More}

Fun and Healthy Snack Ideas

Snack time is a great time to give children a break from playing and allows them to refuel their bodies for optimal growth. There are so many convenience snacks on the shelves that are loaded with hidden sugars, sodium, fats, and other ingredients you may not want your child to be consuming in excess. Things like cookies and candy are ok for occasional treats, but you should always have nutritious foods included in their snacks. Here are some fun and {Read More}

How Often Should Babies Nap For?

baby taking a nap

In my experience from working in a daycare setting, I’ve seen many different napping schedules. Like most parents with more than one child will tell you, no two children are exactly alike. Some may be more than willing to take their nap around nap time while others resist with every effort they have. Consequently, the question that commonly arises is how often should babies nap? Often times, new parents believe that if their babies sleep too much during the day, {Read More}

Most Recommended Cloth Diaper Detergents

Rockin Green

As I mentioned in my article on cloth diapers, there is special care that comes with laundering cloth diapers. The best recommended cloth diaper detergents are those that are specifically designed for washing cloth diapers. Most of the baby-safe laundry detergents you use for your baby’s clothes are not suitable for CDs as these contain brighteners or enzymes that can degrade the quality of your diapers over time. Cloth diapering laundry detergents are formulated to clean diapers without damaging them. {Read More}

How to Shed the Baby Weight Naturally

losing weight

When you’ve carried a baby, your body naturally goes through some serious physical changes. I’m not just talking about the extra pounds; your hips also expand as your body made room to carry a human being. You may not ever fit back into your favorite skinny jeans and that’s OK. Within time, your body will resume its pre-pregnancy proportions as your uterus shrinks and once you’ve stopped lactating. It is very common for women to carry around a little extra {Read More}