Popular Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Baby names

What’s in a name? A lot, actually! Naming your baby is something most parents give much thought to, though for some it’s very easy. Perhaps you have your names picked out already based on the name of a relative. Some parents wait until the day their baby is born to decide on a name. It’s also not uncommon for certain names to become popular after a huge hit movie; for instance, Elsa and Anna seem to be making quite a {Read More}

Children Left in Hot Cars: Don’t Let This Be You

When I was a child, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for a parent to leave their child in the car for a minute or two while she ran a quick errand. In this day and age that is a big no-no. So many things can happen in those few minutes you’re gone from car-jacking to child abductions; and if your toddler is older, you’d be surprised how quickly than can manage to escape from their car seats! It seems {Read More}

The Best Cars for Families of 2014

Chevy impala

When you are toting around young children there are several factors that come into mind when choosing a vehicle. Safety, of course, should be top priority. There are other features that make certain vehicles more family-friendly than others. You wouldn’t buy a fancy sports car without a back seat when you have more than one little one in tow. I’ve researched some of the top picks in safety and other special features that made the list in best cars for {Read More}

Kid Safe Insect Repellents

bite blocker

Nature has much to offer in all its splendor. There’s nothing like spending quality time in the great outdoors, getting in exercise and taking in the fresh air. Why let pesky bugs and insects spoil that? While there are many products and devices designed to help keep the pests down to a minimum, these usually keep you confined to a specific amount of space they are designed to cover. Bug sprays and repellants offer more freedom to move about wherever {Read More}

Could It Be Bug Bites or Rash?


We are in the midst of summer and that means vacations, camping trips and quality time spent outdoors. With that also come a slew of skin irritations that can occur from bug bites to poison ivy. I’ve seen many parents as of recent with concerns about the red spots that appear on their babies. To shed some light on this I’m going to cover if those skin irritations could be brought on by bug bites or rash. You go out {Read More}

Caring for Baby Teeth: Dental Care Guide

baby with toothbrush

There’s nothing cuter than those toothless grins your baby gives you when they smile in delight. For something so precious, you want to give them a healthy start to a mouth full of strong pearly whites. Dental care should start before your baby pops out their first tooth. I have provided answers to common questions concerning caring for baby teeth in this dental care guide. How Soon Should You Start Brushing While your baby may not have any teeth yet, {Read More}

Sunscreen Vs. Sunblock: Is There A Difference?


Summer time is in full swing and things are really heating up. Little ones’ sensitive skin is prone to damage from the sun’s harmful rays so it’s vital to protect them. There is a vast selection of skin protecting products available that are marketed for infants and toddlers from sunscreens to sun lotions. With so many options how do you choose which one is right for your child and what is the difference? I’ve provided this guide to go over {Read More}

The 5 Baby Gear Must Haves for the First 6 Months

A baby’s needs rapidly change throughout their various stages of development. During the first few weeks your newborn’s needs mainly consist of eating and sleeping. Once your baby begins moving around and becoming more social they will be ready for bigger and better things. Equip yourself with these baby gear must haves for the first 6 months of your baby’s development. Activity Gym An activity gym is very beneficial to baby’s development. These allow baby to play while on their {Read More}

A Guide on Formula Feeding

Baby eating

The American Academy of Pediatrics and various health experts advise that breast milk is best for your baby; however, it is not always practical or even possible for some mothers. Whether you choose not to breast feed, if it’s not an option for you, or you need to supplement breast feeding with formula, there are important things you need to know for safe handling and preparation. You may think it’s a no-brainer as there are instructions on the back of {Read More}

Must Haves for Dad

InStep Take 2 bike trailer

We have featured many buying guides targeted for different types of moms, but women aren’t the only ones raising kids. In today’s modern age the men have stepped up to become more hands-on dads than in previous generations. With Father’s Day nearing we thought we would feature a buying guide with the top must haves for dad that make parenting a little easier! Don’t worry, we skipped out on the gag gifts of tool boxes filled with gas masks and {Read More}